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Our Phase 1 reports include a desk study and site walkover and provide an assessment of the historic development of the site and can identify development constraints and potential cost effective solutions.

Our Phase 2 Site Investigations provide an assessment of the anticipated ground conditions so that development options and their costs can be ascertained.

Phase 1 Reports Phase 2 Reports

Our geo-environmental reports comply with best practice to provide the most cost effective remedial options appraisals, validation reporting, waste classification and disposal costs.

Mugen Ground Investigations

Yorkshire geotechnical and environmental ground investigations

Welcome to Mugen Ground Investigations, we are a Yorkshire based independent practice specialising in providing planning & NHBC compliant geotechnical and environmental site investigation reports.

Phase 1 Reports

Phase 2 Reports

We provide geotechnical recommendations for foundation design, slope stability appraisals, road pavement design etc.